How to update your DLT info in SMS API?

How to update your DLT info in SMS API?

  • After your Header and Content Templates approved in DLT, follow below steps.

1) Login to your Teleo SMS Web Portal account.

2) Go to > My Sender IDs. Add/ Edit your Header (Sender ID) & PE ID

SMS API Update

Update your API as per new updated DLT parameters.

API Format: (Sample)

New DLT parameters to be passed (added) in API:

peid = ( Your DLT PE ID / DLT Entity Reg ID )

dlttemplateid = ( DLT Approved Content Template ID )


  • *All other parameters remains same as before.
  • *Content Format should be same as approved in DLT.
  • *Use “peid=123&dlttemplateid=123” as default, if you don’t have DLT registration.

Contact us by Email OR WhatsApp with your username for any help.

[*Contact us to use default templates, If DLT registration not done.] 

Contact us for help:

Email:  [email protected]

Phone & WhatsApp: +91-8367 626262.


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