1. DLT Registration Information

(Note: Very important information. Read all this carefully.)

What is DLT Registration?

Now DLT registration is compulsory to send Bulk SMS in India. As per the TRAI (Govt) guidelines dated 19th July, 2018 DLT has been implemented by all the Telecom Operators from 1st of June 2020.

*SMS with DLT approved Headers and Content Templates only being delivered by Telecoms.

How to Register for DLT?

*You need to complete all 3 steps in DLT registration process. Telecoms charging for DLT account now.

Step 1) Entity Registration: 

Register (Signup) as Entity. Your DLT account will be approved in 48 hours and your DLT Entity ID (also called as PE ID) will be given. (Follow this: Guide for Entity Registration in Jio DLT (Free))

Step 2) Add Header (Sender ID):

After DLT account approval, Login to your DLT account and Add your Headers (Sender IDs). You can use your Sender IDs after approval. (Follow this: Guide to Add Headers (Sender IDs) in DLT)

Step 3) Add Content Template: 

After Header (Sender ID) approval in DLT portal, Login to you DLT account and Add Content Templates. (Follow this: Guide to Add Content Templates in Jio DLT)

  • *Complete all three steps 1) Entity Registration. 2) Header (Sender ID) Registration. 3) Content Template Registration.
  • Your SMS will get delivered only with the Headers (Sender IDs) and Content Templates which are approved in the DLT Portal.
  • DLT portals managed by Telecom Operators only. We can only help you to complete process.

  • Teleo SMS (TECHNO CYBERSOFT) Telemarketer ID (BSNL, MTNL): 1402495200000013229 
  • Teleo SMS (TECHNO CYBERSOFT) Telemarketer ID (Jio): 1202159202985851507


After approval of Headers and Content Templates in DLT portal, you need to update DLT info in SMS portal for one time to use.  

How to update your DLT details in Teleo SMS Portal & API?

Follow this: Click Here



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