1. DLT Registration (info)

What is DLT Registration?

DLT registration is compulsory to use Bulk SMS & SMS API Service in India, as per the TRAI (Govt) guidelines. We request you to complete DLT registration on priority.

Process Flow: 

  1. Entity Registration in DLT  >>  (1.2) Approve Header in DLT  >>  (1.3) Approve Content Template in DLT.
  2. After DLT registration done, Update your DLT info in Teleo SMS web portal & API.

How to Register for DLT? 

Step 1) Entity Registration: 

Register as Entity. Your DLT account will be approved in 48 hours and your DLT Entity ID (also called as PE ID) will be given. (Follow this: Guide for Entity Registration in Jio DLT )

Step 2) Add Header (Sender ID):

After DLT account approval, Login to your DLT account and Add your Headers. You can use your Header (Sender ID) after approval. (Follow this: Guide to Add Headers (Sender IDs) in DLT)

Step 3) Add Content Template: 

After Header approval in DLT portal, Login to you DLT account and Add Content Templates. (Follow this: Guide to Add Content Templates in Jio DLT)

Telecom operator’s DLT Portals:

S.NO. DLT Portal Link
1 Jio

(Free) (*Recommended)


(Click Here for Jio DLT Registration Guide)

2 Videocon https://pingconnect.in/ 

Reference purpose:

  • Teleo SMS (TECHNO CYBERSOFT) Telemarketer ID (Jio): 1202159202985851507 
  • Teleo SMS (TECHNO CYBERSOFT) Telemarketer ID (BSNL, MTNL): 1402495200000013229 
  • *Contact us on WhatsApp: +91-8367626262. We will help you to complete DLT registration.
  • Email for any help: [email protected]

  • Follow this: Click Here, to update your DLT details in Teleo SMS Portal & API. 


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